Woman and Realestate in India

Woman and Realestate in India

“Home is where the heart is.” While this saying has held its own down the ages despite the mammoth changes in technology, perspective, resource base and consequent opportunities, homemakers have traditionally stayed on in socially accepted avenues of professional vistas and the “home making” industry has been allowed to find a place in their hearts only in recent times.

The real-estate industry, especially in India, has been a traditionally male dominant area with fathers passing on the baton of landholdings to sons and as a natural consequence, the building industry too. The initial concepts of sweat, strength and struggle were considered typically male forte, and the role of women in these areas were considered to be insignificant and were practically non-existent. The overprotective and regressive attitudes that were widely prevalent were major deterrents as well. The fact that initially women were unable to continue for long in this demanding industry, effectively downsized their claims to make real-estate a gender-neutral industry.

The inclusive workplace culture firms valuing diversification and embracing high ethical standards have allowed women to carve out their own niche in real-estate. Besides, just as any imbalance in any field sorts itself out in the long run, this industry too had set out to rectify this glaring inequality.

With women having long made their presence felt in banking, finance and law, the value of their intuitive, logical and persuasive persona, inherent integrity and alluring aesthetics have eventually called for a sleight of hands and women have finally “reached home”. And how! With XX chromosomes sharpened by centuries of multi-tasking, making the best of insignificant to non-existent resources, coming out winners in apparently impossible situations, women have honed their skills from time immemorial. The wheeling, the dealing, the juggling of power, all came naturally to them.

With women mentors increasingly showing the way, more and more young entrepreneurs are donning the hat striding into the arena and making their presence felt, and most importantly, staying on to reach the top. The heartrending and heartening factor which simultaneously despairs and delights is that despite the huge pay inequality and struggling acceptability, women are entering the fray and making gigantic forays into a man’s world, proving anew that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Zoogyo looks to inspire better acceptability for women to shine through in this field of brick and mortar; a cause which is already being championed worldwide in countries namely Australia, the UK, Dubai, the US (which nurtures the best market for women real-estate brokers), etc.

Why not take charge and herald a similar trend in India? So ladies, come join us at our newly launched Facebook Page – “Women in Real Estate” a humble attempt in this direction by to surge, soar and sing the power song in this fantastic dynamic world of Real Estate.

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