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In a country where there are countless property options and various avenues to approach the same property offline or online, one can never be assured that they have purchased the correct real-estate at the best deal price. Zoogyo.com was founded in response to this need. Driven by the principle of simplifying real-estate property search, Zoogyo aggregates data from different portals to provide the customers with a curated experience of property listings, covering all aspects from amenities, images and other details, all on one page. It aims at helping a buyer find their dream house, the perfect office space, a land they have been eyeing, or any other form of real-estate requirement, keeping in mind the unique requirements of each buyer. With a combined experience of 50+ years, and over three generations of real-estate dealings like planning, construction, sales and liaison, Zoogyo brings an excellent understanding of the Indian consumer along with their strong industry expertise. It endeavours to redefine the way a property is bought in the Indian real estate market. Primarily, Zoogyo aims at tackling three major gaps that it has identified:
  • Lack of Listings
  • Inconsistent information
  • Opportunity loss
  • Variable user experiences
Zoogyo is not a listing website where brokers and real estate companies showcase their products. Instead, it helps gather this information from the vast pool of listings available on real estate websites, to provide the customer with a one-stop comprehensive yet simplified experience of finding their ideal real-estate property. It eases the process and in turn helps save a lot of time, effort and any possibility of doubts.


We want to be the platform that works as the voice for the real-estate buyers and sellers. A platform, which simplifies search, selection and comparison of property pricing to constantly help buyers and sellers find price equilibrium.

What next

If you desire to find that special space called home, looking to upgrade your existing lifestyle with a larger space, looking to invest into a growing real-estate market or longing to find that one valuable deal for a rented space, now you know where look up online! It’s Zoogyo.com.
Ar. Krushit Shah Founder , Zoogyo.com
Zoogyo.com eases your process of searching for property. In this age when there are multiple websites and brokers showcasing the same property, Zoogyo compiles the data from all of them and gives you a one-stop search for any real-estate need.
It is a search engine and discovery platform that aggregates different real-estate portals to help you find your ideal residential, commercial, agricultural holdings or land buyouts. It aims at making your search experience efficient, assured, simplified and price-guaranteed. When time is becoming the least available resource at hand, Zoogyo has found a way for you to save on it.